A VR brand

that's out of

this world

Cosmic Interactive create out of this world virtual reality experiences. They strive to be leaders and innovators in shared, immersive experiences that increase human connection.

Key directives from the client were:

  • Logo must be immersive, entertaining & futuristic
  • Reflect the concept of man & machine
  • Typography to have a distinct "Space" feel
Logo Sting
Brand DNA

We originally thought a logo clearly depicting space was the way to go given our name. Borne workshopped this with us and then steered our (space)ship towards a new branding concept 'converging people & technology'. This immediately clicked for us and was more inline with our business & its objectives.


Drafts The Rubens - Musical VR Experience Hologram Foil Business Cards
The Rubens X Cosmic Interactive

Moving away from cosmic cliches, we presented Cosmic Interactive with a Westworld-esque maze for that sense of visual play meets machine. The combination of the maze and the eye also doubles as a ‘C’ monogram.