lucid / adjective:

1. expressed clearly;

2. shining or bright.

Lucid are a digital advertising agency. They tell stories that get your attention and solve business problems for their clients. What they do yields results and builds brands the right way.

Key directives from the client were to:

  • Develop a bold logo with universal translation & impact
  • Convey Lucid's ability to connect the dots & solve the puzzle
  • Create an extensible brand for diverse & seamless application
Logo Variations

The Borne team does what we do. Draws in complex information, works with you to understand it and uses it to tell a story elegantly and simply. Conveying this through our rebrand after a massive evolution in our business was no easy task. It is also incredibly important for us at this stage in the business's life. We love the outcome and look forward to continuing our partnership with Borne.


With Compliments, Business Cards & Sticker Tape Lucid Proposal Kit Letterhead, Notebook & Badges
Social Content
Brand Pattern

Creating something clean but complex is never an easy task. With Lucid’s branding Borne took a modular approach to ensure the depth & diversity of their offering could always be conveyed. From simplified & chic to wild & vibrant Lucid can adapt to any scenario, client or market.
The ‘L’ brand mark concept also allows for infinite creative evolution but instant recognition.